Brennan's Restaurant

Brennan's Restaurant

417 Royal St
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 525-9711

So, you’re the type of guy who would never been caught dead referring to a meal as “brunch” when in the company of your buddies. You prefer the less genteel “scarfing down food somewhere between breakfast and lunch.” Spare us, tough guy, and check your ego at the door. You’ll be glad you did after you brunch it up at Brennan’s. Famous for its creative breakfast dessert invention, Bananas Foster, Brennan’s is a great late morning/early afternoon destination for a bachelor party. Perks include several private rooms perfect for the loud and rambunctious group you’re bringing, amazing drinks to cure that raging hangover, and delicious grub to give yourself a nice base for the drinking to come.

Sure, Bananas Foster may not jibe with that tough guy image you’ve been cultivating for decades, but you do brunch now. Next you’ll start joining your girlfriend when she invites you to the the ballet and dinner (and you’ll have a salad).

You should know going in, though, Brennan’s is definitely a tourist hot spot. It’s a little crowded, a tad overwhelming, a bit overpriced, but you’ll walk away full, buzzed, and glad you hit this New Orleans staple.

Venue Tip: 

Order the turtle soup to start; bananas foster to end; and just about any egg dish in between. Go home and tell all your friends you ate turtle soup... and brunch. Watch them sigh with envy.

The Good: 
The bananas foster is insanely delicious, if somewhat decadent for brunch. The drinks are unreal and feature names like “bloody bull,” “creole mary,” and “sazerac.”
The Bad: 
It may be touristy, overpriced, and well past its glory days, but Brennan’s still worth the experience.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: Bananas Foster

Attire: Look proper, this is where Southern gentlemen eat. You’re not one, but try to fool them.

Needs Reservations: Yes

Alcohol: Full bar