Café du Monde

Café du Monde

800 Decatur Street
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 525-4544

Café du Monde is a New Orleans institution. You simply can not say you did “The Big Easy” the right way without a trip here. Open 24/7, you’ll have plenty of opportunities during the bachelor party weekend to convince your crew to make repeat visits here-- and they will be glad you did! From whatever malady you suffer, the food here will provide the cure: overcoming the morning hangover, getting you through a lazy afternoon, or late night drunken ambling. Visit the Café for some good coffee and awesome beignets (little dumplings of fried gold; they’re like a puffy donut hole with copious amount of powdered sugar).

Be prepared to wait for your food at peak hours (which is most of the time), but you’ll enjoy unparalleled people-watching and a chance to convince some ladies in a relatively safe environment to party with your crew later on in the French Quarter. Just make sure they know you’re not French.

Venue Tip: 

Order one dish of beignets for three people (three to a plate and you can always order more) and your coffee of choice (café au lait is their specialty).  Then sit back, relax, and share some stories about how you met the Bachelor. Repeat as necessary.

The Good: 
A New Orleans institution like no other. Perfect to re-group and re-charge. It’s also right by the water, so it’s good for a team picture before (and after).
The Bad: 
A limited menu, no alcohol, no reservations or credit cards, and long waits are a certainty.
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Price: $

Accepts Credit Cards: No

Signature Dish: Beignets

Attire: Shirt and shoes

Needs Reservations: None accepted

Alcohol: No bar