Cat's Meow

Cat's Meow

701 Bourbon St
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 523-1157
We realize some people despise karaoke, so if that’s you, then just pretend like this entry never existed. But if you want a raucous good time full of good-time girls having a blast, keep reading. 

Cat’s Meow is ideal for those who like karaoke, 3-for-1 happy hour drinks and lots of potential “talent,” since karaoke is like catnip (see what we did there?) for the ladies. It’s right along Bourbon Street, so it’s easy to pop in for (at least) a little while.

It’s also probably the easiest, not to mention safest, way to get the Bachelor stinking drunk and embarrassed.  Just make sure the party makes it over here before happy hour ends.

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Venue Tip: 

Download this great karaoke app - Starmaker - to practice up before your show!

The Good: 
Pure unadulterated fun, lots of ladies, and a great happy hour.
The Bad: 
Really crowded during peak hours, loud, and the staff sings a little too much. Plus the bouncers can be a bit overbearing.
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Signature Drink: 3-for-1 during happy hour; does the drink actually matter!?

What to wear: Dress to impress the ladies when you’re on stage

Alcohol: Full Bar

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Price: $$

Group Size: Any

Music: Live & DJ