Commander's Palace Restaurant

Commander's Palace Restaurant

1403 Washington Ave
New Orleans
Garden District
(504) 899-8221

Let’s face it, you look damn good in a suit... or at least khaki pants and a Polo shirt. Assuming your friends have a wardrobe closer to that of “baller” than “hobo,” and you’re willing to give up a bit of drinking time to hop in a cab across town, then you should take the bachelor party crew to Commander’s Palace for a bite. Routinely rated among the best restaurants in New Orleans, it ain’t cheap. And while it’s not even in French Quarter, it’s worth the trip.  If you go for dinner, you have to wear a jacket (Timberland fleeces do not qualify). There’s also an outstanding brunch (that thankfully does not require a jacket, though it does require pants, drunky), complete with a jazz band-- but only if you’re able to make it out of bed while it’s still light.

If you are able to haul your team to the Garden District for a stop at the Palace, you’ll be able to sample the absinthe-and-bacon-poached oysters. Absinthe is the hallucinogenic beverage that caused the painter van Gogh to cut off his ear and send it to his love (it is not recommended that you let the Bachelor order this dish). Have a good trip!

Venue Tip: 

Commander’s Palace features a “Chef's table” in the kitchen for those that are not content to sit out in the dining room with the peasants. Sure, you have to book at least eight months in advance, but if you do the chef will talk you through New Orleans cooking and then design a menu tailor made to fit your tastes. If you can’t get a Chef’s table reservation, ask to sit in Ms. Ella’s Garden. Her garden is lush, indeed.

The Good: 
Jazz, Bloody Mary’s to kill for, amazing breakfast, and a head waiter who has been known to have a psychic understanding of his guests’ needs. What’s not to like?
The Bad: 
Expensive. Not in the French Quarter (so they don’t tolerate you being rude). Jackets required at dinner time. Not necessarily the place to “whoop it up.”
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Price: $$$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: Turtle Soup, Gulf fish, and bread pudding souffle

Attire: Very dressy

Needs Reservations: Yes

Alcohol: Full bar

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