Hotel St. Marie

Hotel St. Marie

827 Toulouse St.
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 561-8951

Sometimes life requires sacrifice. Like Reese saving John Connor in The Terminator or Jack giving Rose the wood raft in Titanic (I mean, so we heard). Crashing at the Hotel St. Marie is no different. While the bachelor party may be giving up luxury accommodations and reasonably comfortable beds, you guys are getting a room half a block from Bourbon Street - far enough not to be scared of puking college kids outside your door but close enough to stumble home safely.

The hotel describes itself “as deliberately designed and maintained to give guests a feeling for the real style of its historic neighborhood” which is just an easy way to say they don’t reinvest a lot of money back into the property. But that’s OK because you are here to appreciate the bars, not the hotels. Unless you are drinking in a hotel bar.

Venue Tip: 

Do yourself a favor and hit Cafe Du Monde for beignets instead of eating the hotel's continental breakfast.  We know you went there at 3am... go again.

The Good: 
All of the fun of Bourbon Street without the nasty funk smell or noise.
The Bad: 
Often when you see something called “charming” it just means outdated. The Hotel St. Marie can be very charming.
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Price: $$

Good place to party? Not at all. You can pre-game on your balcony but that’s about it.

Best Feature: The location.

Don’t Forget: Ambien. The beds can be a bit rough.

Distance to Bourbon St: 250 feet. Not bad.