Red Fish Grill

Red Fish Grill

115 Bourbon St
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 598-1200

As a child did you go to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate your birthday for the food? Surely not. You went for the anamatronic mice playing music, the video games, and the ball pit (which you later realized was teeming with germs), duh!

In similar fashion, Red Fish Grill is not necessarily a meal to write home about (as if you will be writing home on your bachelor party weekend). It does, however, have the following features which make it a great choice for your crew: booze, an easy-going attitude that will overlook the commotion your party brings, more booze, and a price tag that won’t have you washing dishes for the next three weeks to pay for what you just ate.

Venue Tip: 

Order the delicious BBQ’d oysters then feed them to 19 year-old females at the bar who can only be described by the word “nubile.” We’re told oysters are an aphrodisiac. They work extra on girls who do not know the meaning of the word “nubile.”

The Good: 
Cool, chill, solid food, reasonably priced, and fun. A guaranteed good time.
The Bad: 
Did you come to The Big Easy to eat good food in a glorified bar? Um, yeah, we guess you probably did.
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Price: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: Redfish, genius

Attire: Casual

Needs Reservations: Yes

Alcohol: Full bar