The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton

921 Canal St
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 524-1331

Just because your bachelor party is kicking it in the Big Easy doesn’t mean you can’t experience the finer things in life, as well. The Ritz-Carlton offers all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from the brand - a great restaurant (M bistro), awesome rooms, a solid bar, exceptional amenities, and some of the best service in town - located just feet away from the street where college girls are flashing for one dollar bead necklaces. And it is just those girls who may be impressed when you casually mention where you are staying. Keep in mind, you are at a Ritz so don’t expect to be swinging from the chandeliers (which we discourage anyway) while chugging beers in the lobby (check out the Sheraton for that). Just try to behave a little when you are inside and save the NOLA behavior for when you and the Bachelor are out on Bourbon Street.

Venue Tip: 

Consider paying extra for a room on the club level. The access to the club lounge featuring drinks and snacks, the personal concierge and the private elevator is definitely worth it.

The Good: 
You’re staying in a Ritz-Carlton! Everything is good.
The Bad: 
Except maybe the price. This hotel is on the upper, upper end of the price scale so it may be tough to convince the bachelor party that it is worth the cash.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$$

Good place to party? Sure, though it is a specific type of party. Kind of high-end and fancy, not really the place for the Bachelor to rip off his shirt and beg for beads.

Best Feature: As you may know, we are fans of mampering. As such, check out their incredible spa for a schvitz to get the Hurricanes out of your blood.

Don’t Forget: Some nice clothes if you are planning to spend time in the lounge or restaurant.

Distance to Bourbon St: 52 feet. Now that is convenience.

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