Sheraton New Orleans

Sheraton New Orleans

500 Canal St
New Orleans
French Quarter
(504) 525-2500

Listen, just because you are in an historic city doesn’t mean you have to stay in an historic hotel. Sometimes a comfortable bed and quality staff trump being able to say you stayed in the same room Louis Armstrong may have accidentally killed an escort in (wait, was that Very Bad Things?). The Sheraton provides the bachelor party that comfort, in a prime location just steps away from Bourbon Street. This is the type of place you want to stay in if you want to separate the resting from the partying, as the size and location can allow you guys a brief respite from the insanity below, allowing you to recharge before heading back out to the Cat’s Meow for some shots and karaoke.

Venue Tip: 

Try to avoid this place if it is a music festival or convention weekend. Because of its massive size it gets packed and you’ll spend a LOT of your weekend waiting for elevators.

The Good: 
You know what you are getting here, and in a city like New Orleans that can be quite the blessing.
The Bad: 
If you are looking for a true New Orleans experience, look elsewhere. This is a chain hotel and acts every bit the part.
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Price: $$

Good place to party? The Sheraton’s Pelican Bar is a solid place to grab a drink but we wouldn’t recommend planning your night around it.

Best Feature: Gotta love the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper beds.

Don’t Forget: Some earbuds to drown out the party in the hallway and your roomie’s snoring.

Distance to Bourbon St: 0.2 miles. But close enough you can hear the party.