Tropical Isle Original

Tropical Isle Original

600 Bourbon St
New Orleans
French Quarter/Bourbon Street
(504) 525-1689
It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but worth it for their infamous hand grenades alone. The actual recipe for the grenade is hidden by the Isle as a trade secret but it’s rumored to have the most potent ingredient of all: love (kidding, it’s grain alcohol).

There are at least five locations in NOLA for you and your bachelor party to try, but this is the “original” and also, in our opinion, the best. There are a bunch of options for you guys here including live music and an upstairs “play room” so feel free to stick around if you are at the original. But if you are at the other venues, you’ll usually just grab a grenade and go...

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Venue Tip: 

One Hand Grenade and you start the party right. Two and you are more than loose. Three and all bets are off. Don’t believe us? Check Dave’s Worst Bachelor Party Story in Meet the Team; it’s 100% true.

The Good: 
Upstairs they have pool, big screen TV, and a jukebox. And they serve a drink that tastes like Gatorade but hits you like Gatorade with grain alcohol in it.
The Bad: 
Some of the locations close at night, so check ahead of time. And beware drunk dudes that want to fight (or is that a mirror?).
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $

Group Size: Any

Music: Live

Outdoor Seating: No seating but patio to smoke

Alcohol: Full Bar

Signature Drink: Hand Grenade

What to wear: Whatever you are willing to ruin or lose.