Angelo & Maxie's

Angelo & Maxie's

233 Park Avenue South
(between 18th and 19th)
New York
(212) 220-9200
Angelo & Maxie’s is kind of like the girl next door. It’s not the sexiest steakhouse, but is high quality without the high maintenance, is in a great location, more affordable than most, and is a lot of fun. It’s got a great feel there, and also has a cigar room in the back. It’s laid back so no worries about suiting up. It’s also close to a lot of great nightlife and wildlife so get your drink on, devour your meat like the carnivore you are, and then find some other prey at the nearby bars.
Venue Tip: 

Bachelor10 Tip: Angelo & Maxie's was replaced by another ampersand steakhouse, Vic & Anthony's, that's worth checking out despite the high price tag.  Highly respected at other locations around the country, it has a private boardroom your crew should look into and happy hour your wallet might request.

The Good: 
A little more chill, little less expensive, non-stuffy service, and nearly as tasty.
The Bad: 
It doesn’t have that cachet of Luger’s, etc.
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Signature Dish: The cajun ribeye is money.  Trust us.

Attire: Jeans and a collar shirt is fine.

Vibe: Less stuffy than most.  

What’s next?: Plenty of Union Square fun - Pete’s Tavern is one of, if not the, oldest bars in NYC; plus the W has lots of eye candy nearby.