Bowlmor Lanes

Bowlmor Lanes

110 University Pl
(between 12th St & 13th St)
New York
Union Square, Greenwich Village
(212) 255-8188

Bowlmor, if you didn’t figure it out, is a bowling alley, or, at least, the Greenwich Village equivalent thereof.  It’s also usually a hopping scene with a fun bar, good tunes, a couple different levels, greasy bar food, and a generally a great time. Bowlmor is where your bachelor party should go when it’s ready for a little “athletic” activity while drinking mixed drinks not commonly found in a house of strikes and gutters. Hey, there’s nothing like some friendly drunken competition to start the night off right. Plus, you get to quote The Dude from The Big Lebowski all night long.  White Russians all around! Might want to skip glow-in-the-dark bowling night, though. Beer goggles and dim lighting can be a nasty combination at a bowling alley.

Venue Tip: 

Stick with pitchers of beer as the cocktails can be overpriced. Also, eat with your non-dominant hand so the grease doesn’t throw off your game.

The Good: 
Bowlmor will give you the opportunity to create weekend nicknames for everyone in your party. Kingpin or The Big Lebowski, anyone? The Bachelor is, of course, The Dude.
The Bad: 
Do you know the term “bridge and tunnel crowd”? If you do, you might be turned off by Bowlmor’s clientele. If not, you’ll be none the wiser. Have fun, team!
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Price:  $$$

Outdoor seating: No

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Alcohol: Full

Signature Drink: Pitchers of Bud and White Russians

Close to: Bar13 (go late... dancing will ensure), Belmont Lounge, Brother Jimmy’s (adequate bbq served under giant TVs playing sports and served by 22 year-old hotties), McSorley's (a trip back to a time when men were men and women were not allowed), Fat Cat (get your gaming on before you start throwing game at the ladies)