Brandy Library

Brandy Library

25 North Moore St.
(between Varick and Hudson)
New York
(212) 226-5545
Sometimes titles say it all. Like Eat.Pray.Love or Snakes On A Plane. Count the amazing Brandy Library among those masterpieces. When the bachelor party is looking for a more upscale spot to catch up and enjoy some incredible brown liquor this is the place to visit. With a library of over 900 bottles and 100 signature cocktails, come to Brandy Library to enjoy some fine spirits before you go chugging Bud Lights later that night from between the assets of a scantily clad overly-friendly females. An eclectic food menu with offerings like Mac & Foie and Lambs in a Blanket means you can get your eat on early if you wish. And don’t be afraid to ask one of the “Spirit Sommeliers” for help navigating the menu; it’s better than getting laughed out of the place when you order a Jack & Coke.

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Venue Tip: 

You have to make reservations ahead of time to get in and get seated so be sure to call. If you have a decent-sized crew, reserve the downstairs room.

The Good: 
An unbelievable selection of spirits. Great food. And for just one moment you’ll feel like a member of the upper crust.
The Bad: 
It can be a bit snooty in there so you’ll have to behave. They frown on larger parties so confirm ahead of time.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Outdoor seating: Yes

Alcohol: Full

Signature Drink: Brown liquor

Close to: The Canal Room (music venue), Jeremy's Ale House (if you're interested in the jeans and T-shirt crowd), the SoHo Grand (trendy downtown NYC scene), Ward III (classy but unpretentious bar in a basement), White Horse Tavern (on a warm night, grab a burger, a brew, and a table outside. Proceed to gawk)