Dylan Prime

Dylan Prime

62 Laight St.
(between Greenwich St and Hudson St)
New York
(212) 334-4783

Velvet menus? Only in New York. Still, that’s what you get when you come to TriBeCa, New York’s neighborhood known for expensive lofts and hidden culinary gems. Dylan Prime is among the best in the city and word has gotten around. The Bachelor will be thrilled by the hours of research you put in to find this steakhouse, which is a far cry from the chaos of midtown. What he didn’t know is that you secretly couldn’t care less about the mahogany interior, incredible food, or moss-colored walls. All you wanted was to see what velvet menus felt like. They don’t have those at the Waffle House in South Carolina.

Venue Tip: 

Call ahead and request a private room. Party like you’re a room full of mobsters with the Bachelor as the Don.

The Good: 
For those who wish to consume something other than beef, Dylan Prime is known as much for their seafood as for their steaks.
The Bad: 
TriBeCa is way downtown so it’s a bit of a hike to the clubs and bars above 14th Street.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$$

Signature dish: Cheese fondue. Trust us on this one.

Attire: Look sharp, but you’ll be in good company as long as you look like you put even a bit of thought into what you wore.

Vibe: “Sexy,” “cool,” and “trendy” are all word that come to mind.

What’s next?: Brandy Library (Very cool spot in a very cool part of town), Grand Bar @ SoHo Grand (Chic yet surprisngly fun), Don Hills (retro rock and roll club), White Horse Tavern (Walk up Hudosn Street to this excellent people watching watering hole)