Empire Hotel

Empire Hotel

44 W 63rd St
(between W Central Park & Broadway)
New York
(212) 265-7400
You know that hotel that became famous because of Gossip Girl? No? Do you know that tons of female tourists and bachelorettes love a hotel made famous because of Gossip Girl? That’s all that’s important for the bachelor party when choosing the Empire Hotel.

But don’t worry, the NY landmark is easy to spot with the signature, red-neon sign atop the building and a massive renovation effort a few years ago ushered it right into the 21st century, with updated decor, modern in-room technologies and a rooftop that's home to a sweet pool and popular bar. Just learn who Chuck Bass, Serena van der Woodsen, and Blair Waldorf are and you guys will be set.
Venue Tip: 

Note that there is a strict dress-to-impress dress code at The Empire Rooftop that is enforced with joy by the bouncers. Plan accordingly AND make sure your group does the same (especially the one guy that “doesn’t give a s**t what a bouncer says, he’s wearing sneakers!”).

The Good: 
The rooftop plunge pool and lobby both are scenes straight from The CW.
The Bad: 
The location can leave a little to be desired; you might be some spending cash and time in cabs.
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Price: $$$

Bar on premises: The Empire Rooftop Bar & Lounge (12 stories up) and the Empire Lobby Bar.

Best Feature: The tricked out private cabanas at the plunge pool.

Close to: The Hudson Hotel