Fat Cat

Fat Cat

75 Christopher St.
(b/w 7th Ave.)
New York City
West Village
(212) 675-6056
Fat Cat is what you’d get if one of the Bachelor’s buddies had an enormous basement stocked with good and relatively inexpensive beer (and wine), a bunch of bar games, laid back tunes, and even some ladies thrown in for good measure. Think of Fat Cat as the rec-room you never had as a kid but always craved. It’s the perfect place to chill out and break the ice before a huge night out. Pay a small cover ($3), walk into a dimly lit basement, buy a cheap beer, and play ping pong, shuffle puck, pool, cards, board games, and more. Each games costs a certain amount per hour, but it’s cheaper than starting the night uptown where the drinks cost more than the jeans you’re wearing. Extra points if you purposely lose at pool to the Bachelor.

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Venue Tip: 

Ask specifically for the ping pong table with the largest amount of space so you can all participate. Also check out the website to see which band is playing.

The Good: 
$3 PBR in NYC isn’t easy to find. Add bar games and live music. Presto: a great beginning to an amazing night.
The Bad: 
You're in a basement with no windows, tons of booze, and the kind of games that suck you in-- you may never make it to the the remaining parts of your evening.
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Price: $

Outdoor seating: No

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Alcohol: Wine & Beer

Signature Drink: Beer. Specifically the cheap kind.

Close to: 

Hogs n’ Heifers (for a scene out of the movie Coyote Ugly), The Standard Beer Garden (beer in a garden in an area bound to attract all manner of commers who enjoy such a setting), White Horse Tavern (best when warm and women flock to nearby Magnolia Bakery)