Golf at Bethpage State Park

Golf at Bethpage State Park

99 Quaker Meetinghouse Road
(516) 249-0700

It’s not often you can play golf on a top 30 US course that’s held two recent U.S. Open Championships for under $100 but that’s what you get at Bethpage. There are five courses in Bethpage National Park (from easiest to most challenging): yellow, green, blue, red and black, with the last one obviously being the crown jewel. Being able to say you played at Bethpage Black is kind of like a badge of honor, mainly because it’s a ridiculously tough course, so you better each have practiced and be darn good players or it’ll take a while and destroy your lofty ego. The other courses are nearly as nice and you can still say you played at Bethpage, just leave out the color.

Venue Tip: 

Go on Friday if possible as weekend rounds take a long time, plus it’s an hour outside the city and you have to get there well in advance. Basically, you have to be fully committed to a day of golf.

The Good: 
Championship golf course at reasonable rates.
The Bad: 
Timing-- it takes a while to get there, you have to wait a bit, and a round can take five or more hours on the weekends.
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Price: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Reservations Needed: Yes

Alcohol Encouraged: No. You coud get arrested drinking in a NY state park.

Attire: Slacks (preferably plaid), collar shirt, appropriate shoes, hat.

Close to: Not much so head right back to the city to continue the party.