Hogs & Heifers Saloon-CLOSED

Hogs & Heifers Saloon-CLOSED

859 Washington St
(between 13th St & 14th St)
New York
Meatpacking District, West Village
(212) 929-0655
Have you seen the movie Coyote Ugly? C’mon, we know you saw it. Hot bartenders who dance on the bar, breathe fire, yell at you through a bullhorn, and serve up cheap drinks made a posthumous name for the New York City watering hole. Hogs & Heifers is the bar on which the movie was really based (rumor has it the owners didn’t want to be associated with a Tyra Banks/John Goodman movie so the producers titled their flick after another NYC bar in the East Village).  H&H is one of the go-to spots for girls who want a good time, i.e., bachelorette parties.  Inside, females are free to dance on top of the bar, throw their bras over the rafters, and get hit on by biker dudes (and you).  They do play some country music, but it’s usually tolerable and mixed with fun ‘80’s party tunes.  Just don’t wear upscale clothing or come with an attitude as you will be politely asked to leave by a leather-clad bouncer known affectionately as Butch. If your party crew tends to prefer martinis to Pabst Blue Ribbon, you may want to go to a nearby bar frequented by girls looking to retrace the steps of the cast of Sex and the City. We’ll pass.

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Venue Tip: 

Have a contest with your friends: whoever can coerce a female patron to toss her bra into the rafters get free drinks for the rest of the weekend.

The Good: 
Chicks dancing on the bar pouring shots into your mouth before throwing their underwear every which way. Need we say more?
The Bad: 
They do have a $10 cover after 11pm. And you will get hassled if you look like you just came from work or are not drinking. In short, dress to relax and pop a few cold ones.
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Price: $$

Outdoor seating: No

Accepts Credit Cards: No

Alcohol: Full Bar

Signature Drink: PBR & a shot

Close to: Frying Pan (do you like meeting people on boats? Go here), McSorley's (a trip back to a time when men were men and women were not allowed), The Standar Beer Garden (drink and make merry, outside with German hipsters), Fat Cat (throw some back over games of pool before the night truly begins)