Jeremy’s Ale House

Jeremy’s Ale House

228 Front St.
New York
South Street Seaport, Wall Street
(212) 964-3537

If you’ve ever longed to throw a bachelor party in a bar which features the recently discarded undergarments of female patrons hanging from the ceiling and is frequented by bankers in the morning looking to have a beer for breakfast in a Styrofoam cup before going to work, then Jeremy’s Ale House will be your temple. Sure, it sounds depressing but it is anything but. The mood at Jeremy’s is always boisterous, the crowd lively and friendly, and the food (deeply fried seafood) is terrific. Plus, the prices cannot be beat. Extra points if you can convince a female nearby to relinquish her bra and surrender it to the wall above the bar.

Venue Tip: 

Have a contest with the Bachelor: see who can consume more $4 32 oz. beers and chicken fingers in three hours. Make the loser follow that up with an order of rib tips. Then take cover.

The Good: 
Jeremy’s routinely has a lively crowd eager to kick back, watch some sports, and drink copious amounts of beer in oil drum size cups. Best of all, if you slow down your consumption, the staff will let you hang out as long as you’d like.
The Bad: 
It’s way downtown, so there’s not a lot around here in the way of nightlife. Plan a trip back to your hotel for a nap and to get cleaned up hours before you’re ready to go out.
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Price: $

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Reservations Needed: No

Alcohol Encouraged: At an Ale house? Um... yeah.

Attire: The more casual, the better.

Close to: Meade’s, Fresh Salt, South Street Seaport