John Allan’s

John Allan’s

418 Washington Street
(between Vestry and Laight)
New York
(212) 334-5358

Pool table. SportsCenter. Scotch and beers. Sounds pretty much like every bar in Manhattan. Only this place also gives you full service haircuts and shoe shines.

John Allan’s is a men’s club – not a gentlemen’s club, that’s for later in the night – where guys can take care of themselves while still feeling like a man. And what better way for a bachelor party to recover from the debacle of the previous evening then by having themselves cleaned up by a professional staff while sipping a little hair of the dog? After a sharp haircut, head massage and a hot towel you’ll feel like 1000 bucks and be ready to attack the city once more.

Venue Tip: 

There are several locations in the city but only the TriBeCa one is open Saturday and Sunday so if you are doing a weekend thing make sure you go there. The one at Saks is open Saturday as well but that might be taking this “comfortable in our manhood” thing too far.

The Good: 
The staff is professional and tend to be female and easy on the eyes too. You can hang around watching TV and playing pool pretty much all day once you pay so it is a great way to hang and laugh at your buddy getting a manicure.
The Bad: 
You’ll really want to get a manicure after he tells you how good it feels. Self doubt may ensue.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Reservations Needed: Yes

Alcohol Encouraged: Sip a few while you’re there but not a place to get wasted.

Attire: Nothing formal but it doesn't hurt to dress the part.