NYC Paintball & Lasertag

NYC Paintball & Lasertag

4711 Van Dam St.
Long Island City
(718) 361-8337

Would you say your friends lean more towards the term “calm” or “trigger happy”? Yeah, that’s what we thought. To go fire off some rounds-- in the form of ultraviolet light and paint pellets-- take a quick ride over to Queens, shed your courteous, thoughtful demeanor, and become a sniper who ruthlessly stalks your prey (the Bachelor). You can choose either paintball or lasertag, and our suggestion is you take a turn at both as they are completely different experiences. But, nothing spells quality time with your boys like a barrel-roll before twin paint pellet shots to the knees (of the Best Man). Happy hunting!

Venue Tip: 

Make sure your entire party picks one event first and then moves to the other together. If you have less than eight people playing with you, walk-ons may join your game.

The Good: 
Guns that bruise the ego but not the flesh allow you to cut the Bachelor down to size before he moves onto married life (only to be even more cut down to size).
The Bad: 
The staff can sometimes be less than helpful-- they get busy-- so definitely take one aside and ask him how the safety on your lasergun works. Yes, even lasertag guns have safeties.
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Price: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Reservations Needed: Yes, this place fills up quickly. 

Alcohol Encouraged: People, guns of any kind and booze do not mix. You might spill your booze.

Attire: Sweatpants and an old T-shirt.

Close to: Elo (Queens is known for its Greek food)