Robert’s Steakhouse @ Penthouse Executive Club

Robert’s Steakhouse @ Penthouse Executive Club

603 W 45th St.
New York
Hell’s Kitchen
(212) 245-0002

Here’s the scene: You’re upstairs at the Penthouse Club watching as a parade of gorgeous females move past offering you, well... whatever you can dream up. The waiter approaches your table and presents you a terrific wine and beer selection and suggests you take advantage of the establishment’s twin delectables: steak and boobs. Lots and lots of both. Robert’s is - surprisingly - known for serving some of the best meat in a city that knows red meat. The Bachelor will get the both of best worlds: seared flesh and raw flesh. Simply for the spectacle, Robert’s comes highly recommended. Simply for the food, this place easily stands on its own.

Venue Tip: 

Beware, when a hot woman in a strip club asks for anything, you will somehow be paying for it later. That drink you buy her will come with strings attached.

The Good: 
You’re in one of the best adult clubs in New York City with your best friends eating incredible red meat. ‘Nuff said.
The Bad: 
Some people - though not us - have mentioned that eating dinner while fending off semi-aggressive strippers can get a bit annoying after a while. Politely ask them to leave you alone until after dinner at which time you’ll shower them with one-dollar bills.
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Price: $$$$

Signature dish: Lamb Chops. So good you’ll be compelled to accept anything the naked women walking by your table offer you in order to convince them to leave... so you can focus on your phenomenal dinner.

Attire: No sneakers. No t-shirts. Dress like you’re trying to impress the ladies with your look and regardless of the size of your, um, wallet.

Vibe: Robert’s is a great steakhouse - The New York Times even claims it’s the best steakhouse for the money - and the Penthouse Executive Club ain’t no dive bar. The dancers here are among the classiest in New York City, for what that’s worth. 

What’s next?: Do you really need a next? If you’re gonna leave, take a quick taxi ride to Times Square and plant your crew in the lobby bar of the W Hotel. Definitely a place to see and be seen (but mostly to see).