Cabaret Les Amazones

Cabaret Les Amazones

6820 Rue St-Jacques
Montreal, Quebec
QC H4B 1V8
Trenholme Park

The poet Robert Frost once said "I took the one (road) less traveld by, and that has made all the difference." Now we may be wrong here but it is our understanding that he was referring to getting to Cabaret Les Amazones. But you'll find the cream of the crop here in tip-top shape and you and your bachelor party won’t be disappointed.

As you’ve no doubt found, further away from the ‘strip’ means lower prices, too.  Drinks are sometimes $4, dances vary widely but can be as low as $8.

And as the name suggests, it is quite (let’s say) different from what some of you pansies might be used to.  One, you’ve got more exotic, and two, cabarets are generally more interesting and worth the trip.

Venue Tip: 

This place is especially good on Thursdays if you’re able to take a day off of work (it’s worth it!).

The Good: 
Was even solid at odd hours so if you are bored on a Tuesday...
The Bad: 
It's not in the heart of things so prepare accordingly.
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Cover: $4-$5

Sunday: 6pm – 3am

Closing Time: 3am nightly