Cafe Cleopatra

Cafe Cleopatra

1230 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2S5
Between Latin Quarter & Chinatown

Less is more at Café Cleopatra - fewer tourists, lower prices (actually one of the lowest priced spots with their $5 beer happy hours and $10 full contact dances), less plastic, less pushy.  Now all of this comes with slightly lower standards, but also (shocker!) lower morals… perfect for your band of misanthropes, er, bachelors.

The DJ can bring it with rather fun taste in music.  And in Montreal that occasionally comes into play elsewhere as those crazy Canucks sometimes have crazy taste.

Upstairs is, um, interesting as it’s a burlesque show but can also double as a drag bar so unsuspecting conservatives should beware. Drunk best men too.

Venue Tip: 

Café Cleopatra can be a good place to go when you don't want to bust the bank on the first night, though the favorable exchange rate for Americans makes most places a little more palatable.

The Good: 
More affordable with good specials. Plus that whole lower morals thing...
The Bad: 
(Slightly) less talent. It's all relative though; I mean, are you all 10s?
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Cover: $2-$5

Sunday: every day 11a-3a

Closing Time: 3a