Chez Parée

Chez Parée

1258 Rue Stanley
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 2S7
Golden Square Mile (just SE of it)

Now, our French isn’t so good, but Chez Parée means Heaven on Earth, right? Perhaps not, but it sure will seem like it to you and your crew during your visit.

Walk-able from the Bell Centre and from many downtown hotels, this place is incredible. While the Bachelor is drooling over the amazing, lovely, and ton of dancers, your buddy buying $10 drinks (a far cry from high end Las Vegas places) may fall in love with the hot waitresses.

With the $5 entrance fee usually, $5 lap dance (seriously!?), and $15 private dance, you’ll be so surprised at how inexpensive Chez Paree is that you’ll end up blowing more on their video poker and slot machines!  Vegas North, here we go.

Venue Tip: 

They recently introduced new erotic booths in the VIP lounge. If you can tear yourself away from the $5 dances perhaps hook the Bachelor up.

The Good: 
More. Hot. Girls. Than. You. Can. Imagine.
The Bad: 
When you find a flaw, please let us know!
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Cover: $5 (usually)

Sunday: 7pm-3am

Closing Time: 3am