Club Super Sexe

Club Super Sexe

696 Rue Sainte-Catherine W
Montreal, Quebec
QC H3B 1B9
Dorchester Square (just north of it)

Combine an angel’s looks with the devil’s ways plus a whole lotta nudity and you get Club Super Sexe. Often no cover or only $5, this place is easy to get into but unbelievably hard to leave (seriously, you may need to drag out the future brother-in-law).

This Montreal institution with a great name is an awesome choice for your bachelor party, just don’t come expecting actual sex. Though there is certainly more contact in the private section, so wear your best linen pants.

The girls are hot (though there are fewer than Paree), the price is right, and they even have a free buffet in the late morning / early afternoon. Consider it a reward for lasting as long as you did (and let us know in comments how it is).

Venue Tip: 

Like most of these venues, tip the person seating you ASAP as they control whether you'll be in the center of the action or just outside the men's bathroom.

The Good: 
Price Value index is off the charts. Make sure to look up their promotions prior to rolling in.
The Bad: 
Only about 40 dancers vs. 80+ at a place like Paree.
Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

Cover: Often $0-$5.

Sunday: 1pm-3am

Closing Time: 3am