Club Wanda’s

Club Wanda’s

1458 Rue de La Montagne
Montreal, Quebec
QC H3G 2P4
Dorchester Square (just SW of it)

If you’re aiming for classy and less seedy as far as these places go, including no contact (the last in MTL as far as we know) and a little less risque than most, then Club Wanda’s is your bachelor party spot.

It’s such a massive place - with four (4!) stories - to the point you could spend all day/weekend here.  Just make sure not to leave people behind and miss your flight home (it's not as funny as The Hangover makes it seem).

The Mediterranean food actually is outstanding (especially for a place with naked chicks) and their packages are all reasonable deals (that's what SHE said) giving you some reasons for choosing the only no contact place left in Montreal. Or maybe you're just classy like that (we doubt it).

Venue Tip: 

Head to the outdoor patio for the traditional drunken toast the bachelor and his wolf pack.

The Good: 
Classier and a case could be made to the ladies at home that you thought you went here just for dinner (please let us know how that goes).
The Bad: 
A high-class place that serves food = perhaps not quite as talented on the lady front if you know what we mean.
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Cover: $10 unless you buy a ‘package’

Sunday: Negative, ghost rider. Closed. Keep moving; nothing to see here (on Sundays).

Closing Time: 3a every day except closed Sunday