Globe - CLOSED

Globe - CLOSED

3455 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
H2X 2T6
St Laurent District
(514) 284-3823
It may seem strange that what is considered a restaurant appears on our nightclub list but remember, this is Canada and they do things differently up here (Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in October and John Candy is a national treasure). Once your bachelor party steps through the doors and sees the insanely beautiful staff and clientele you won’t question the choice. Sure, there is the dinner crowd but come 9:00 or so on the weekend the DJ comes out, the bar starts hopping and people have no problem standing up around their tables and getting their groove on. 

Venue Tip: 

To make your life easier, plan to eat dinner there as well. The menu is fantastic, the staff redonkulous, and you won’t have to wait in line to get in. 

The Good: 
French speaking waitresses. Oh, and it is a favorite spot of bachelorette parties.
The Bad: 
Like the classic model, all looks can sometimes mean no brains so the service isn’t the best.
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Price: $$$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Vibe: Trendy lounge, with a seafood platter.

Outdoor Area: Yes

Bachelor10 Drink of Choice: Vodka Gimlet