Hotel (10)

Hotel (10)

10 Sherbrooke Ouest
H2X 4C9
(514) 843-6000

Instead of the Hotel (10), this place could better be called Delta house! The hotel definitely has gained a rep for its keg-party atmosphere with thumping music coming from the patio bar and partiers stumbling through its hallways in the early hours. Bring it on, you say? If so, Koko and Suco, the bars at the hotel, are busy every night and pump up the volume on house and hip-hop. The house DJs at Suco are great at reading the crowd and spin their mixes according to the vibe of the room. If you're searching for a spot for a more discreet encounter, take a new friend to the Petit Salon, located in the building's original section. The hotel has a package for bachelorette parties and where the ladies are the men seem to follow; so, bachelor parties also abound. Aside from its own amenities, the best thing about booking at the 10 is its location. Already downtown, it's just a short walk to Old Montreal and the vicinity is packed with other bars and restaurants.

Venue Tip: 

At some point, you and your boys might want to catch some Z's. If so, try to book a room on a high floor as far away from Koko as possible. Better yet, get a room that overlooks the street, rather than the patio.

The Good: 
You have access to the hotel's courtesy car to transport you to other areas of downtown, restaurants, bars or points of interest.
The Bad: 
If you plan on using wireless, you have to go to the lobby. It's not available in the rooms.
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Price: $$$

Best Feature: The concierge can fill you in on just about anything that's going on in the city and make suggestions for your group if you give her some idea of the scene you're looking for.

Good Place to Party? Absolutely! This place is always filled up on weekends with all kinds of people looking for a good time and they usually find it at Koko, the restaurant/club, or Suco, the downstairs bar.