Hotel de la Montagne

Hotel de la Montagne

1430 Rue De La Montagne
H3G 1Z5
(514) 288-5656

If the bachelor and his crew want to be treated like rock stars, the recently remodeled Hotel de la Montagne is the choice spot to crash in Montreal. You could party all weekend and never leave the posh hotel (which is a distinct possibility); but if you do venture out, you’re in the center of everything downtown with plenty of places to drink, eat, or just gawk at the sights. The hotel has just about everything a bachelor party would need with four different bars/clubs, including the rooftop Terasse Magnetic on the 20th floor. There you can take a seat at the inside bar or imbibe outside while you soak up the panoramic view of the city, as well as the view of bikini-clad beauties lounging around the pool (weather permitting of course).  Meet someone there and mix it up later in the underground nightclub called Thursdays or Le Th’Club disco. There’s even a quiet spot in the lobby for drinks and conversation called Cabaret. Start practicing your French now with the phrase, “voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”

Venue Tip: 

Hit Terasse Magnetic early if you want to scope out a good spot. Happy hour starts at 5 p.m. and it gets crowded quickly with people jockeying for the tables around the railing to get the best view.

The Good: 
Want to update your Facebook status or tweet a few photos of the bachelor’s escapades? You can access the Internet anywhere in the hotel, quickly, easily and for free with an access code from the front desk. Just don’t get the bachelor in trouble!
The Bad: 
There are no ice machine stations. If you want ice, you have to call down and have it delivered to your room. (You’d be surprised but this does sometimes come into play...)
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Price: $$

Best Feature: For the morning after, the swim-up bar at the rooftop pool is a great way to be served some hair of the dog while you float your hangover away. 

Good Place to Party? The Hotel de la Mantagne is Party Central -- inside and out -- with an assortment of bars and restaurants for different moods. Don’t plan to sleep much as you’ll hear partiers on the streets and in the halls at all hours