InterContinental Montreal

InterContinental Montreal

360 Saint Antoine St W
(514) 987-9900

Step into the Sarah B. Bar at the InterContinental Montreal and the bachelor and his buds will just be asking for trouble. Named for the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, the bar offers absinthe service, known for producing mind-altering effects on those who imbibe. The herb-based spirit contains 55 percent to 75 percent alcohol and was known as "the green fairy" back in the day. Have one and you might imagine that the walls are made of fake fur, sequins and feathers. Yeah, no, they ARE made of fake fur, sequins and feathers. Of course, the decor of the hotel changes with the seasons, so you never can tell. What you can count on is if too many of those green fairies fly down your throat, the bachelor party might just come to an early end. With a mix of leather, velvet, marble and modern Plexiglass, the hotel has a sexy vibe as well as a great French restaurant, Osco! and a bistro, Chez Plume.

Venue Tip: 

The higher you go the better the view. If you get booked on one of the lower floors, you're only going to see surrounding buildings, but, say, from the 24th floor, you get a view of all Montreal.

The Good: 
The rooms are extremely spacious by most hotel standards. Even with a king-size bed there's plenty of room to maneuver and the space only increases when you go from rooms to suites.
The Bad: 
The staff and a good percentage of the hotel guests tend to be from the “Greatest Generation” before the Boomers even. For some company of peers you'll probably need to venture outside the hotel.
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Price: $$$

Best Feature: Just off the lobby there's a coffee shop called Java U with a huge menu of breakfast and lunch items that will satisfy just about any craving and the prices are reasonable, especially since the hotel's breakfast buffet costs extra.

Good Place to Party? You've got to try the Sarah B. bar just for the novelty, but this isn't where you'll want to hang for the night, especially with so many other excellent places in the vicinity. Just ask the concierge.