Kamasutra Club

Kamasutra Club

3580 St-Dominique, coin Prince-Arthur
Montréal, Québec
H2X 2X4
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Kamasutra Club - where more might be more.

More variety of gals, higher prices ($15 for lap dance; more for private room; $10+ for just a beer, even if we love our Canadian beers that’s just lunacy), more time to get there (and harder to find), some more hassles as you have to ensure you don’t get scammed like in many places off the main strip,

That being said, it can be more fun if done right. Just put a little effort and a little coin behind the night and you and your bachelor party will be rolling in the Kamasutra magic in no time.

Venue Tip: 

One good rule of thumb for all places off St. Catherine Street, but especially here, is probably to avoid bringing your ATM card out with you; this way you’ll avoid hassles if someone tries to make you pay for more than you’ve been promised. But a better one is to just not order what you don’t want and be clear about it.

The Good: 
A plethora of options for the gentlemen club connoisseur in your crew. HD TVs for the guy that "doesn't like strippers."
The Bad: 
Sometimes all the more more more is too much.
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Cover: $0 with 2 drink minimum at times; other times you should grease the guy

Sunday: 7:30pm – 3am

Closing Time: 3am