Kingdom Gentleman’s Club

Kingdom Gentleman’s Club

1417 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2S8
Universite du Quebec a Montreal

Wait, what? A gentleman’s club with live music occasionally?  Interesting, especially for the couple folks in your crew poo-poo’ing the time-honored tradition of the going to see gorgeous scantily clad women at a bachelor party (i.e. the hen-pecked married guy).  We think we like this place they call Kingdom.

One of the more social media savvy establishments in Montreal, you can check out a lot before going; we can’t give you the link (sorry, it is Google's rules, not ours) but you’re a smart cookie and found us so we’re confident you’ll do a quick search and find their treasure trove.

With research done, saddle up at the peak times to make it rain during your reign at the Kingdom.

Venue Tip: 

Be sure to negotiate things up front and be clear about what you want.  Here and most places.

The Good: 
Hot girls dancing to live music, what’s not to like?
The Bad: 
The talent wanes at times due to the law of gentlemen club economics (see, Supply and Demand).
Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

Cover: ~$10 ($7 cover + $3 tip for better seats)

Sunday: Open every day 7p-3a

Closing Time: 3a