La Caleche Du Sexe

La Caleche Du Sexe

328 Rue Saint-Catherine East
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 1L7
Universite du Quebec a Montreal

As a wise Ferris Bueller nearly said, “Pardon my french, but… these people are (NOT) assholes.”  In fact, quite the opposite. The staff and even the dancers just seem nicer at La Caleche du Sexe vs. most other Montreal spots and any big-time American hotspots.  It’s like that first time you met a southern belle with that accent, seeming innocence, and kill ‘em with kindness attitude; then she chugged the Jack and danced in the back of a pick-up. 

A smaller sort of joint yet you still have a high bar for talent here (especially at peak hours) and the prices are quite reasonable… starting at a minimal cover, $6 drinks, and $10 dances. Dust up on your French before coming and maybe you guys will make some new friends...

Venue Tip: 

Just because you’re nice and they let you touch, does not mean you should go overboard. They abscribe to the Dalton from Roadhouse way: Be nice until it's time to not be nice."

The Good: 
Smaller = better.
The Bad: 
Smaller = fewer girls, which can be a problem especially if you have a big party.
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Cover: ~$5

Closing Time: 3a