Le Bar Salon Solid Gold

Le Bar Salon Solid Gold

8820 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2N 1M4

For the bachelor parties that are willing to take a chance and short trip, you will be pleasantly rewarded here.  Not overly close to St. Catherine Street and the main strip, but as we’ve instructed before, Daniel-san, that leads to lower prices and sometimes surprisingly better gals.

$5 cover like many more casual spots, $6 beers, $15 dances, so it’s reasonable.  The second floor has some more privacy if that’s your style.

Le Bar Salon Solid Gold is aptly named as it’s definitely solid and often turns your night to gold.

Venue Tip: 

Pay the extra for the VIP treatment and you and the bachelor will live it up.

The Good: 
Good pricing, better girls. A name that brings up memories cheesy 80s dance shows.
The Bad: 
Like a few others we mention, it is a little out of the way. But sometimes effort is rewarded.
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Cover: $5+ standard tip.

Sunday: 7pm – 3am

Closing Time: 3am