Le Rouge

Le Rouge

7 Rue Prince Arthur O
H2X 1S4
St Laurent District
(514) 282-9944
Since Le Rouge is the unofficial undisputed king of having the best girl to guy ratio anywhere in the city we could really just stop the review there… but for you, we won’t. A fantastic bi-level cauldron of madness with the bottom floor heavily hip hop and top 40 and top floor heavily house, this is a hard place for a bachelor party to go wrong. Yes it can get crowded, but you’re a smart group of lads so reserve a table and let the sweaty lasses desperate for a breather come to your safe haven. 

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Venue Tip: 

It is predominantly a French Canadian crowd, so brush up on some one-liners before hitting the club. AND NO not the obvious Voulez-vous coucher avec moi.

The Good: 
It is a 21+ club so you don’t get the annoying young guys.
The Bad: 
It is a 21+ club so you don’t get the adorable young girls.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Vibe: Dance club in your basement, with about 1000% more chicks.

Outdoor Area: Yes

Bachelor10 Drink of Choice: 10 shots for $35.