W Montreal

W Montreal

901 Square Victoria
H2Z 1R1
(514) 395-3100

If the bachelor and his wingmen plan to get wrecked and wasted why not try to keep it classy by throwing another W into the mix. No, not that Dubya - he's supposedly sworn off partying. We mean the W Montreal, the ultra-hip hotel with so much going on under one roof -- three bars and a restaurant -- there's really no need to leave the building. The centerpiece is Wunderbar, a multi-level lounge that focuses on jet-set cocktails. It not only reflects the outdoors, but invites you to step out into the elements with its accompanying deck, which is described as a lavish outdoor playground. On Saturday nights, Plateau lounge is THE destination, attracting a high-energy mix of hotel guests and locals who are drawn in by its forest-like atmosphere and people lounging around atop beds with a comfortable collection of pillows. There are also plenty of high-backed chairs, low-lying sofas and cozy niches where the bachelor party can hear some of Montreal's hottest DJs.

Venue Tip: 

Don't pay extra for wireless. If you login to free wireless downstairs in the lounge once a day, the "pay" wireless in your room just works.

The Good: 
The hotel is conveniently located near Old Montreal and downtown. Duane -- aka Mr. Nightlife at the W -- will provide expert advice to make this one memorable bachelor party, or one that you can't remember, whatever the case may be.
The Bad: 
If you suffer from paruresis -- that means you're pee shy, college boy -- you probably aren't going to like the all-glass bathrooms that allow anyone nearby to get a peek while you do your business.
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Price: $$$

Best Feature: The WOW suites are definitely a wow! With 20-foot windows, an outdoor terrace, king-size bed and full-size sofa sleeper, a refrigerator and refreshment area, this is an unparalleled space to party.

Good Place to Party? It's maybe the best place to party in Montreal. You can start at Bartini with cocktails and make your way around to the other bars in the place, or venture out to plenty of other hot spots in the area.