The Clevelander

The Clevelander

1020 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach
Art Deco District
(305) 532-4006

Tell your friends the bachelor party is going to Miami and staying at The Clevelander is likely to elicit one of two responses: a questionable look (“You’re not staying at The Delano or The Shore Club?”) or a knowing smirk (“Sweet call. Bring 5-Hour Energy and condoms.”); a third one - a quiet chuckle - just means the name made them think of a Cleveland Steamer. The fact is, if you are staying at this Art Deco gem you are staying for the party. And not casual linens with boat shoes partying but underwater beer bong, “I’ve been up for 48-hours” partying. Sure there are hotel rooms and in-room dining and a lobby we can write about (all passable, for sure) but the bottom line is: if the bachelor party is coming to Miami and looking for one thing out of its hotel - to PARTY - The Clevelander is the choice.

Venue Tip: 

Book a ROCKSTAR Suite - not for the personal ROCKSTAR Host (essentially a glorified concierge) but for the direct elevator and stair access (steps away) to the SPF4 Sun Deck, Game On Sports Bar and 1020 music lounge. Ask for a balcony suite ahead of time.

The Good: 
You won’t have to go far to party as The Clevelander brings it right to your door. Literally. Open your room door and there’s bound to be someone doing something amazing.
The Bad: 
This isn’t a place to relax - the music is loud, the party is non-stop, and the temptation to keep going is irresistible. Plus it draws the tourists looking to catch a piece of the scene.
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Price: $$

Best Feature: The party.

Good Place to Party?: See everything we’ve written so far. So, yes.

Pool Scene?: Top-flight DJs. Pole dancers. Burlesque shows. This place can give Vegas a run for its money.

Nearby: Their one restaurant on site is surprisingly good. Plenty outside the doors as well, including Puerto Sagua.  And don't miss Mansion for a ridiculous club.