Club Space

Club Space

34 NE 11th St
Downtown Miami
(305) 350-1956
Considered one of the better electronic music venues in the country, Club Space is an experience (truly dedicated club-goers have been known to clock 12+ hour visits to this location).  Nonetheless, make sure the Bachelor and the rest of your crew are on the same page before arranging a night out here:  the music is very heavy on the trance/house side of things, so if you dudes aren’t big fans of DJs who go by their given Dutch names, you may want to look elsewhere.  But if big, packed and loud is your thing, there is no better spot than Space.

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Venue Tip: 

Stick together -- both inside and on the way out of this place.   It's big, crowded, and there's some dark little corners for the Bachelor to unwittingly wander into.  And the neighborhood is, er, "urban," so try not to wander out of here at 4 AM without the crew.

The Good: 
Dress code is considerably less strict than at most South Beach locales, so no need for collared shirts. Just make sure you have close-toed shoes and pretty much anything else goes.
The Bad: 
Last time we checked the age minimum is 21+ for guys, and 18+ for girls. (Is this bit of information even in the right category? You be the judge). Let’s just say the Bachelor may feel a bit old, but it’s always good to stay in touch with your youthful side, right?
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Price: $$$

Outdoor Seating: Yes.

Alcohol: Full bar.

Bachelor10 Drink of Choice:  Well vodka and Red Bull, stirred with a glow stick.  (Okay, we made that one up; give that to your favorite Bachelor... or gal).

Dress: Casual

Close to: The Standard, Mondrian