1921 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
South Beach / Art Deco District
(305) 532-0727
Space Mountain with South Beach chicks.  Who could ask for more?  We’re not sure what they were thinking with the whole futuristic-soda-fountain decor but you know what?  The rest of the scenery more than makes up for it.  And by scenery we don’t mean the over-sized portraits of models adorning the walls.  Layout-wise the club could use more dance space, so you’ll want to reserve a booth or else end up getting elbowed around a fair amount.  The advantage of holding down limited real estate is that you’re sure to have company -- just make sure the Bachelor doesn’t get too generous with your bottles.

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Venue Tip: 

Sign up for the guest list online to decrease your wait outside.  Also, call ahead to see if there’s a live show going on a given night, which could make things a little more crowded than normal.

The Good: 
Great eye candy -- the bouncers here make sure of it. The flip-side of that coin is, of course, that they aren’t letting a ton of guys in. Something to keep in mind.
The Bad: 
You guessed it: Mynt is another Miami venue that can be tough to get into. The bouncers here can be, um, selective? So make sure to visit the website or call ahead before rolling, and, if possible, bring some girls.
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Price: $$$

Outdoor Seating: No

Alcohol: Full bar

Bachelor10 Drink of Choice:  We’re not sure, but it begs the question:  if you’re buying a supermodel a drink, shouldn’t SHE pick up the tab?

Dress: Hollywood club