Prime 112

Prime 112

112 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach
Miami Beach

112 is a reboot of the traditional stuffy steakhouse:  all the brick and dry-aged beef is still there, but a stylish retro Deco atmosphere prevails -- and it’s not just aging businessmen with expense accounts wolfing the steaks down.  Not only is the food good but there are actually some chicks in here.  We at Bachelor10 give these guys extra bro points for having a bowl of bacon on the bar in lieu of peanuts -- though we need not warn you to go easy: while there may be a short wait for a table, but these guys have some prime steak and seafood on deck.  The lobster bisque is meant to be great but we would never waste our stomach real estate on soup when a porterhouse awaits.

Venue Tip: 

Make a reservation, and go early.  People love to complain about the long waits here, so avoid the hassle and skip the pre-dinner cocktails (or, rather, just make them post-dinner cocktails).

The Good: 
Insane wine selection (if the Bachelor goes for that sort of thing), and some pretty good eye candy -- for a steakhouse.
The Bad: 
It’s not unusual to find pro athletes in here after a game -- and the requisite hangers-on -- so 112 can get a little crowded. Plus the Bachelor may have one-too-many and start berating LeBron for his 4th quarter laziness.
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Price: $$$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: 12 oz. filet. The truffle fries are also on point.

Attire: Dressy

Needs Reservations: Yes

Alcohol: Full bar