Puerto Sagua Restaurant

Puerto Sagua Restaurant

700 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
Lincoln Road
(305) 673-1115

A down-home Cuban place in the Versailles vein, Puerto Sagua is little grittier and a lot less touristy.  But that doesn’t mean it’s any less popular than its larger, more famous fellow countryman.  In fact, Puerto Sagua may be even busier than Versailles, but with a noticeably more local vibe.  Don’t come here if it’s South Beach elegance you seek; but if your party is looking to stuff their collective faces on authentic fried chicken chunks and the stuffed yucca, then Puerto Sagua is your place.  Step back in time: no, not pre-revolutionary Cuba; more like pre-1980’s Miami, complete with vinyl chairs, fluorescent lights, and some of the more genuine Cuban food around.

Venue Tip: 

Go early, eat, then hit the nearby South Beach bar scene.  No matter how convincingly the Bachelor pleads, there are no Cuba Libres to be had at this wine-and-beer-only establishment.

The Good: 
Open late, fast service, decent prices. And a great breakfast spot for the “morning after.”
The Bad: 
Puerto Sagua doesn’t possess a full liquor license, so it’s beer and wine only here. The upshot is you won’t be distracted from the task at hand: eating. There are plenty of bars where the Bachelor can embarrass himself later.
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Price: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: Ropa vieja: shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce base. (No, it doesn’t taste like old clothes.)

Attire: Casual

Needs Reservations: None taken

Alcohol: Beer and wine only

Nearby: Awesome clubbing at Mansion. Good eye candy by The Clevelander (hotel/outdoor bar).