W South Beach

W South Beach

2201 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
Miami Beach
(305) 938-3000

Some might claim that we over here at Bachelor10 show favoritism to the lovely little W Hotels brand from Starwood and we’d be hard-pressed to disagree. With their eye on staying cool, their focus on service and hospitality, and their always enjoyable Whatever/Whenever concierge, there’s very little reason not to love them. And the W South Beach is one of our favorites.

This hotel is a fantastic spot for the bachelor party looking for a cool and reliable home base that offers a slight respite from the ridiculous 24/7 party of Miami Beach. And we say slight because you can still get into plenty of trouble at their bars, their pool, their restaurants, their lobby, their stairwell...

Whatever/Whenever, right?

Venue Tip: 

If you are planning to hang by the pool during the day invest in a daybed ahead of time. Since the pool area is small it fills up before you guys are even going to be awake.

The Good: 
The W always exudes a cool vibe and this hotel surely doesn’t disappoint there. It maintains the high level we’ve all come to expect from the W brand.
The Bad: 
The cocktail prices here can be INSANE. You might want to bring a flask and hit the liquor store down the block.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$$

Best Feature: Some of the best customer service in all of Miami. Be prepared to be disappointed in life when you get back home.

Good Place to Party?: With Wall at the W and their Living Room bar they don’t lack spots to drink but neither is there a spot to really party. Grab a cocktail and move on.

Pool Scene?: The pool is small and surprisingly mellow; if you are looking to rage, look elsewhere.

Nearby: Good food at the famed Mr. Chow and not-so-famed Soleà. Fun nightlife at LouisMynt, and Wall. Also check out the nearby guests at The PerryThe Setai, and The Shore Club.