Barrio Cafe

Barrio Cafe

2814 N. 16th Street
Central Phoenix
(602) 636-0240

When in the southwest, you better do three things: eat some great Mexican food, have some terrific tequila, and meet some lovely… oops, that’s Mexico.  Well, Arizona is as close as the USA gets and Barrio Café is as good as it gets in Phoenix.

And it’s absolutely good. We’ve dreamt about their margs (especially the frozen guava if you can muster the cojones), guac (made fresh table-side), and chiles nogada (insane stuffed and roasted pepper that we’d never ordered elsewhere but now can’t stop ordering at Barrio). Mouth…wait for it…watering.

Barrio also has a festive Mexican ambiance, complete with live music and bachelor party shots are certainly not discouraged.

Venue Tip: 

Try to go at off-peak times and stick to the original Barrio a little off the beaten path. The new one in Scottsdale is likely closer to your hotel, but we don’t quite have a Godfather 2 situation yet as it’s still ironing out the kinks.

The Good: 
All you have to know: their motto, which is on all the servers' t-shirts, is "Comida Chingona" - which literally translates to "F***ing Bad Ass Food."
The Bad: 
It gets quite crowded and the original is not close, but well worth the ride.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$

Outdoor Seating: No

Signature Dish: Chiles en Nogada

Attire: Anything you please (shirt, shoes and flops at least, of course).

Needs Reservations: You do, but they don’t accept them, unfortunately.

Alcohol: Full Bar, but stick to tequila for crying out loud.

Parking: Private Lot

Nearby: not a whole lot, but it's worth it. Barrio Queen, in Old Town Scottsdale, is closer to the action but not quite on par.