Desert Storm Hummer Tours

Desert Storm Hummer Tours

15525 N 83rd Way
(480) 922-0020

Want to be a badass, or at least have your Facebook friends think you are?  A Desert Storm Hummer Tour might just do the trick.  The Sonoran Desert is a pretty sweet place for an adventure and if the bachelor party is okay missing some of the night, take a Night Storm Adventure (6:30-10:30pm). You get to use the slick Raytheon XP 200 Thermal Image Scopes to scope out wildlife (and fellow party mates) in total darkness.

Your driver is definitely the badass so don't think about taking a ride to the border, but they’re usually very friendly and like to have a good time.  They’ll provide a cooler for water etc, but you can often talk them into some brews.

Venue Tip: 

Bachelor10 Tip: Book in advance and specifically ask to have your own ride so you get your own group and aren’t stuck with little kids, especially for when the turkey of the group makes a fool of himself.

The Good: 
It’s a cool event that most people don’t get to experience & can break up the drinking. Or not...
The Bad: 
It’s not exactly close, but they will pick you up for a little extra cash.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Reservations needed?:  Yes

Attire:  Very casual (shorts, t-shirt, jeans) but no open toed shoes (eg, no flip flops!).

Alcohol Encouraged?: Only a couple; you don’t want to be too drunk as it gets a little rough and you’ll lose your liquid lunch.

Best way to get there: Get a ride or you can drive yourself.