Do it all at the Talking Stick Resort

Do it all at the Talking Stick Resort

9800 E Indian Bend Rd
(480) 850-7777

Not unlike Vegas casino resorts or Miami’s Fontainebleau, the Talking Stick Resort is a place you could spend the entire day (not to mention the rest of the night if you really wanted). 

Your day could consist of an early round of golf, great lunch at one of the six different restaurant options, a massage and steam at the spa, some drinks poolside and poker or blackjack (and other table games), and perhaps even catch a spring training baseball game a couple minutes away (D-backs & Rockies play there).

So if you want to have your cake and eat it too (in this case cake = fun ), The Talking Stick is the place for you and the bachelor party.

Venue Tip: 

Bachelor10 Tip: Sign up (free) for the Player Rewards Club; members get various rewards including a free shuttle service.

The Good: 
This place might be the male version of the women’s all-inclusive spa weekend. Gambling, golf, drinks, food, pool, and then some...
The Bad: 
If you wanted Vegas, you probably would have gone there, but this is still a great experience.
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Price: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Nearby: Ocean Trail (Seafood, Cajun/Creole), Wandering Horse Buffet, Black Fig Bistro, Shadows (bar)

Reservations needed?: Yes, for most activities.

Attire: Fairly casual though be respectful on the golf course and try to keep a shirt on indoors, will ya?

Alcohol Encouraged?: Certainly in the afternoon, and hell it’s your boy's weekend so feel free to indulge with an eye opener, particularly on the links.

Best way to get there: hopefully you’re staying there, otherwise via shuttle.