Drive the Apache Trail

Drive the Apache Trail

Apache Trail Scenic Drive
Arizona Highway 88
Apache Junction
Apache Junction

If a few of you get in earlier than the rest or don’t want to golf, driving the Apache Trail is a terrific option.  Nature lovers (the Phish fans of your group) and explorers will enjoy the several hour drive through Lost Dutchman State Park, Goldfield Ghost Town, Saguaro Lake, the Canyon Lake Recreation Area, the Theodore Roosevelt Dam site, and the Tonto National Monument (for always saving the Lone Rangers' ass).

Not for the feint of heart, the drive is rather challenging so best not to do it hungover unless you don’t care about safety or a clean dashboard for when your buddy boots.

Both scenic and historic, it’s a fun drive, complete with some good male bonding at stops for pics, drinks, and tchotchkes for the ladies back home (show 'me you care).

Venue Tip: 

Bachelor10 Tip: Bring shades, a hat, suntan lotion, but also ensure the tank is full of gas and you have plenty of water.  All obvious, but good to remember, nonetheless.

The Good: 
Beautiful, scenic, historic, and great male bonding.
The Bad: 
Far away (45 minutes to get there from Phoenix / Scottsdale), takes a while, and not everyone will have a rental car (though you could do a tour).
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $

Accepts Credit Cards: No

Reservations needed?: No

Attire: Prepped for warm weather.

Alcohol Encouraged?: No, one of the rare times for a stern no.

Best way to get there: Rental car.

Nearby: Not a whole lot besides the tour sites.