La Grande Orange Pizzeria & Grocery

La Grande Orange Pizzeria & Grocery

4410 N 40th St.
(602) 840-7777

Is the bachelor party headed to a ballgame or hitting the links and needs a good meal on the way?  La Grande Orange is the perfect spot.

Here your crew will have plenty of options for breakfast and lunch, even pizza and sushi.  It’s also just next door to another LGO spot, Postino, which is perfect for wine and afternoon snacks (queue the ladies).

Order your food in the reasonably high-end deli-like grocery then enjoy in the dining room (almost always with great “scenery”) or take it all to go.

Venue Tip: 

If you happened to pick up any ladies the night before, bring them here as it’s a great spot to entertain them for the afternoon (perhaps even while you duck out for some sports); they’ll love the pizza, sangria and healthy salads, or wine and eats at Postino.

The Good: 
Typically lots of local ladies, quick, very good.
The Bad: 
Not a destination spot; just a stop on the tour.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Signature Dish: Famous French Pancakes; and don’t overlook the commuter egg sandwich.


Attire: Golf attire, at most

Needs Reservations: No (they don’t take ‘em)

Alcohol: Wine and Beer

Parking: Lot & free Valet

Nearby: Postino (girls' wine bar & snacks with outdoor seating)