Royal Palms

Royal Palms

5200 East Camelback Road
(602) 840-3610

The Royal Palms elicited the biggest debate on this list. According to Trip Advisor, this is the #12 hotel out of the top 25 in the US, so it’s going to be a phenomenal one.  But along with that high rating, comes something else high, and we’re not talking about drugs. It is VERY expensive, not to mention it seems a little romantic for a bachelor party.

But if you want to be waited on hand-and-foot and get treated like a king for the weekend (or George Bush, who used to stay there), then saddle up on East Camelback and enjoy.  Plus, the food at J Cooks is top notch, the massages (sans happy ending) are epic, and if you’re looking for one of the coolest spots to go and smoke cigars, their courtyard is money.

Venue Tip: 

Call ahead and ask about their special rooms (called casitas and villas).  They do have a two BR that could sleep six (and we’re guessing more but if you’re staying here then you’re not the partying 25-year-olds so wouldn’t try to bunk more).

The Good: 
It’s as nice as it comes anywhere you’ll go. Your wife or girlfriend will be jealous, but at the same time not question your motives or activities on the trip, given she’ll assume golf, massages, fine dining, and cigars all weekend.
The Bad: 
Only if you’re looking to party and are on a budget is there much bad about this – e.g., $$$$$, upscale, leaning romantic.
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Price: $$$$

Bar on premises: T. Cook’s Lounge is a reasonable place to get your drink on.

Lively daytime pool scene?: Not lively, but it is quite nice.

Close to: T. Cook's (Mediterranean fine dining), JT's Bar & Grill