Sushi Roku

Sushi Roku

7277 East Camelback Road
In the W Hotel
Downtown Scottsdale
(480) 970-2121

It’s nearly impossible to NOT have a fantastic time with a bachelor party at Sushi Roku.

First and foremost, girls love this place so you’ve got that goin’ for you, which is nice. It’s inside the W Hotel, which always has that fun NYC/Vegas vibe that encourages you to do sake bombs at the bar before slipping into a booth where talking to the next table is encouraged. Plus, the sushi is rather good, especially for the middle of the desert.

Lastly, it provides easy access to one of the better spots in the city for your post-dinner drink, upstairs on the pool deck.

Venue Tip: 

Send over some miso eggplant for the girls next to you to seem refined, generous, and trustworthy. Especially if you want them to join you later and you just made your buddy pass out from his seventh sake bomb.

The Good: 
Hotties galore in a fun party atmosphere with good food, souped up drinks, all wrapped inside the posh W hotel, where you normally can’t go wrong.
The Bad: 
Like some hotspots in NYC, the service isn’t always the fastest, but they typically make up for it in other ways, like being cuter than your girlfriend or wife.
Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

Price: $$$

Outdoor Seating: No

Signature Dish: Tuna Tartare followed by the Asparagus-wrapped Filet Mignon.

Attire: Classy & clubby.

Needs Reservations: Most definitely.

Alcohol: Fuller than you need.

Parking: Valet

NearbyCowboy Ciao (upscale American / Western food), Barrio Queen (outstanding Mexican though not as good as the original Barrio Cafe), Don & Charlie's (famous steakhouse), Saddle Ranch Chop House (fun BBQ), Sapporo (similar feel of sushi, girls, and fun), W Scottsdale (cool hotel with great outdoor pool/bar).