66 Newtown Ln
East Hampton
East Hampton
(631) 329-5377

Babette’s = Brunch done right.  Great food ranging from your favorite egg/savory dishes (including enormous omelettes) to tasty sandys (try the Ace of Clubs) to salads and smoothies for the married guy in your bachelor party who wakes up early to go running.  But remember, that kind of thing also attracts the ladies so you get what you pay for, so to speak.  They’ve also got some terrific specialty cocktails so you can start your day off right.  

Don’t be surprised to see some stars here as one of us sat next to Alec Baldwin recently.  Sadly, our boy resisted the urge to set off yet another rant by tossing out a couple choice lines like “ABC” or “coffee is for closers.”  Next time.

Venue Tip: 

Give them your name as early as you can get there.  Feel free to walk around nearby, including next door at Everything But Water which might appear to be a women’s boutique, but also serves drinks (oh, and it’s a women’s clothing store so guess who’s shopping there).

The Good: 
Celeb sightings (attracts the ladies & the OK mag reader in your group!). Plus top notch food, good drinks, fun vibe...
The Bad: 
It’s not quick, nor cheap, but it is worth it.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes

Reservations needed?: Unfortunately they only take dinner reservations and even Alec had to wait for brunch seating.

Attire: Keep your clothes on and feel free to spruce it up; our female counterparts have recommended the nearby Theory for the guys who only brought Gap t-shirts.

Best dish(es): A Bloody Maria with eggs romano (or one of their monster omelettes) and cinnamon swirl french toast for the table.

Nearby: Rowdy Hall (another bar/restaurant by the Nick & Toni’s crew), and SoulCycle (not to go, guy; to watch all the ladies enter/exit and try to tempt them to join brunch).